Welcome to the virtual Climate Policy Menu. Because almost every human activity affects the climate, and the climate affects almost every human activity, the universe of policy interventions that can help us reduce climate change and its impacts is large. This Policy Menu is designed to help policy makers navigate this universe.

Guide Structure

The Menu is broadly divided into three segments:  Reduce, Remove and Adapt. “Reduce” covers policies to reduce the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions that cause global climate change. “Remove” covers policies that, on net, remove GHGs from the atmosphere (sometimes referred to as carbon dioxide removal, or CDR).” Adapt” covers policies that help society to be more resilient and to adapt to the climate change we’re unable to avoid through emission reduction and carbon removal.

One can navigate through the Menu in several ways: by segment (Reduce, Remove, Adapt), by sector of the economy (electricity, transportation, industry, residential and commercial buildings, and agriculture and forestry), and by Congressional Committee of Jurisdiction.  Since many policies have multiple applications, one can learn about them through several points of entry. Within each segment, the Menu provides summaries of the major policy options, including a brief description, design considerations, U.S. experience, additional resources, and relationship to other policies.

We welcome user input to build out and update the Menu over time, and to make it as easy to use as possible. Please provide your feedback here.


The following organizations contributed to the development of this website by providing insight and feedback on its content and supplying their own research and resources. However, contributors to this website do not necessarily endorse any or all policies found on this website. Instead, the Climate Policy Menu is designed to be an educational resource for use by policymakers and staff.  The Climate Policy Menu provides users with the basic facts surrounding policies that are intended to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

In addition to the organizations listed, Katie Lebling and Alex Rudee of World Resources Institute contributed to the development of the Climate Policy Menu.

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