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Standards to remove emissions

Standards seek a specific action or outcome, providing policymakers more certainty. Standards can take a variety of forms, including: command and control regulations that specify technologies and processes, and performance-based standards that require the regulated entity to meet a specific performance goal. Standards can be implemented at a variety of levels, including at a specific pollution source or across an entire economic sector.

The boxes below allow you to filter and view specific policy options that establish (or support the establishment of) standards that drive carbon dioxide removal (CDR). This includes tradeable performance standards, like low-carbon fuel standards, that may include CDR as one of many compliance pathways. Each includes a brief description, design considerations, U.S. experience, additional resources, and related policies.

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Site Selection and Monitoring of Geologic Storage


Clean Energy Standards

Reduce and Remove

Life Cycle Assessment

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Low Carbon Fuel Standards

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Monitoring for Land-Based Carbon Removal